Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What do Mr IP and Mr TCP talk about?

Hero Worshiping

Vint Cerf, commonly referred to as father of IP, came to talk at PARC's Forum last week on the topic of "Information on the go".

Before the Forum talk, he came to visit with PARC and mostly hung out near the area where I sit. So, for a while, my area was pretty busy with people coming by to say hi to Vint.

Naturally, more as a brush with greatness opportunity, I emptied my mug and decided to go to the same area for a bit of star sighting.

What do father of IP and father of TCP talk about?

In case you do not know, Van Jacobson, father of TCP, works a few doors from me.

So, as I was doing my beverage refill, Vint, Van, and a couple other people were making tea and chatting. So, what do those groundbreaking great minds spending their time chin wagging about at PARC?

Eggs. How to prepare an egg. Specifically, comparing methods in making softboil eggs - how to get a hard yoke, a soft yoke, or a runny yoke.

Now you know.


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