Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Content as Network

Hero Worshiping

It is kind of rare to meet your hero in person. Rarer yet is to be able to work with your hero on a regular basis.

So, it is a pretty mind blowing for me to say that I sit only a few doors down from Van Jacobson ( who is the primary contributor to TCP/IP which in term provides the foundation for internet as we know it today.

Content Centric Networking (CCN)

Van is leading the effort for content centric networking (CCN). This is a high level talk that he gave a while back that explains what he has in mind.

CCN for the rest of us

Naturally, if you are not fully conversant with the 7 layers of network protocol hierarchy, e.g. business development folks like me, too need an answer on what is CCN.

This is what I say, we are working on the next generation of internet. :-p!

I hope to explore the roadmap and implications of CCN in periodic entries. Suffices to say, the CCN group is very busy at work right now.


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