Monday, November 23, 2009

PARC at Printed Electronics USA 2009

Printed Electronics USA

A leader in Printed Electronics, PARC offers three unique capabilities to industry partners:

* Material Characterization: Characterizing and optimizing material performance in devices and circuits for printed electronics market materials suppliers;
* Application Development: Designing circuits and fabricating proof of concept, including sensors and display elements for clients exploring specific applications; and
* Full System Prototyping: Integrating complete systems containing printed electronics and conventional thin film components and/or standard silicon circuitry.

Please visit PARC at Booth 12 or contact for more information. For more information on PARC's Printed Electronics capabilities, please visit

Jet-Printing: From Drops to Electronic Devices

Dr. Jurgen Daniel will be presenting in the conference on December 3rd at 12:05pm, discussing how to use jet-printing to fabricate flexible backplanes for driving displays and sensor-tapes for recording blast events in the battlefield.


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