Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coffee machine

Email message on how to use the coffee maker

... we had a problem with the use of pre-ground coffee...:

Beans (never ground coffee) go in the righthand side.
Water goes only in the lefthand side water reservoir.

If you wish to use the PRE-GROUND COFFEE feature, rather than having the machine grind beans for you, you may place NO MORE THAN TWO LEVEL SCOOPS (see scoop in cupboard) of ground coffee in the ground coffee funnel (See 8 in Fig. 1, attached).

If you place any coffee in the ground coffee funnel you MUST press the "Pre-ground coffee" button (See h in Fig. 3, attached) on the front panel before you press the 1-Cup or 2-Cup buttons, otherwise the machine will attempt to grind additional coffee and will overfill the mechanism.

NEVER pour unmeasured ground coffee into the ground coffee funnel.

If you don't know how to use a particular feature of the machine, the instruction manual is in the cupboard next to it...


What is truly important

As I have suggested, coffee is one of the common fuels at PARC. So, people take it very seriously when something happens to the coffee maker.

Also a nice touch to include attached diagrams in the email.

Lucky I drink tea...


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cloud Computing - Security, Compliance, and Opportunities

Controlling data in the cloud: outsourcing computation without outsourcing control

A group at PARC has been studying the Cloud Computing space and published this paper (download) in CCSW. The particular this paper argued that life in the cloud can be advantageous from a business intelligence standpoint over the isolated alternative that is more common today.

Cloud Computing and Security

The same group also posted a blog entry on several issues are of potential interests for both technical development and business management.

In particular, it points to four (4) levels where Cloud Computing could increase technical vulnerabilities; two (2) areas with known potential business concerns; and two (2) opportunities where Cloud Computing enables new capabilities that is difficult to do today.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disruptive Innovation and Organic Electronics

FlexTech 2010

Given PARC's unique capabilities in the flexible, printed, and organic electronic applications, I am glad to report that the FlexTech 2010 show was well attended.

PARC presented two workshops on current work and Mark Bernstein, PARC's CEO, gave a keynote speech on disruptive technology.

PARC and Disruptive Technology in an Emerging Eco-system

Mark's keynote on "The changing model: Moving technologies from research to applications" focuses on what happens when new emerging technology is disrupting industry dynamics. In this scenario, the ability to find and collaborate with the right partners becomes imperative.