Friday, January 22, 2010

Vacation and TMT Conference


Will head out for some quality family time. See you guys in a couple of weeks.

Morgan Stanley's 2010 Tech Conference

Are you attending this year's Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference? If you are, let me know. I will be there and it would be good to catch up.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference

PARC at 2010 FlexTech

PARC will be actively participating in the upcoming 2010 FlexTech.

* Feb 2 Keynote session: "Moving technologies from the lab to real-world applications" by Mark Bernstein, CEO of PARC.

* Feb 3 "Flexible Printed Sensor Tape based on Solution Processed Materials" and "Sensing of blast events with flexible sensor tapes" - discussion of current projects by PARC technologists.

* Feb 2-4 PARC will be at booth 204 showcasing services in material characterization and optimization, application development, and system prototyping. Come by to see samples and learn about what PARC can do for your product road-map.

Flexible and Printed Electronics at PARC

PARC has been engaging in works related to both flexible and printed electronics for long time. And, PARC is a global organization that can provide both the technical (hard and soft) infrastructure and commercialization capabilities for our partners in this emerging technology area.

For more information on PARC's work in flexible and printed electronics.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The proud, the few, the (PARC 2010) interns

PARC Internship

Yes, we do "interns". As a matter of a fact, this is a pretty good opportunity to work with some of the top names in a field, do interesting work, visit the San Francisco bay area, meeting interesting people, and get paid for your work.

We have opportunities in hardware, software, social science, and business.

More information and how to apply for the 2010 PARC Internship.

Life at PARC as an Intern

Here is quick glimpse of what interns did at PARC in 2009. Look forward to good stories from the class of 2010 interns.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Open source and its hook

Marten and Open Source Hook

I was chatting with Marten Mickos recently. The question of what makes an open source effort succeed when others just flounder came up. He suggested that having a specific hook/niche that can be easily articulated is an important factor amongst many others. In the case of MySQL, it was a database designed specifically for web usage.

In the mundane business talk, it is about having an unique value proposition.

CCN and its Open Source

CCN's open source release came out last year. So, Marten's observation got me thinking about what is CCN's hook.

According to the recent Network World article, it is about security and multimedia/content consumption.

Would be interested in your take on what CCN's unique value proposition is. I am all ears.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CCN and internet at 2020

2020 Vision: Why you won't recognize the 'Net in 10 years

Here is an interesting article that talks about various efforts currently under way to tackle existing problems with internet today. Naturally, PARC's content centric networking (CCN) was mentioned as one of the efforts.

Content-Centric Networking

The article focused on the security implication of CCN although I would argue that it is just one of the reasons that CCN is a compelling solution. For example, by focusing on content instead of IP, CCN opens up new ways of consuming digital content that is not possible today.

The best way to find out more is to watch this video presentation by Van on CCN. And, for those adventurous and technically-inclined enough, you may also want to try out the CCN open source release.