Friday, December 4, 2009

Printed Electronics USA 2009 Report

PARC's Printed Electronics

PARC participated in PEUSA09 as technical presenter, facility tour sponsor, and exhibitor. Come to this annoucnement if you like to download the assets that you have seen in the show.

PEUSA09 Field Report

Several people commented that printed electronics seem to have developed a robust vendor/supplier base. And, as people stake out their claim in the upstream value-chain, the next step would be for early adopter consumers/buyers to set the application directions.

Beyond the traditional application of OLED (organic light-emitting diode - bendable display screen), flexible and disposable sensors seem to be another area that can be high value-add yet difficult to achieve with traditional silicon based solutions.

Looking at the value-chain, "system integrators" services probably will play an important match making role for the immediate future as the buyers often do not have the development capabilities in-house for printed electronics while the suppliers may be too limited, albeit very in-depth, on the modules and materials.

Not surprisingly, these are the services (characterization & optimization, application development, and full-system prototyping) that PARC offers. More importantly, we have had a lot of interesting conversations with both vendors and buyers to work with PARC.

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