Thursday, December 17, 2009

Robots at PARC

Email Notice

Tomorrow, Dec. 17, I will host three visitors who are bringing their robot to PARC. They will be “exploring” the hallways and the cafeteria with scanning laser range finders and video cameras.

They will engage in 3 activities:

1. Collect a dataset for use by the robotics research community to study localization and mapping.
2. Give a demonstration of the robot and allow interested people to tele-operate it.
3. Collect a dataset with people around.

Does this happen a lot?

It just so happened that I hosted a visitor to PARC over lunch on the 17th. As we chatted in the cafeteria, the robot came toward us. My visitor was not fazed and thought that this happens regularly at PARC.

Well, sort of. We do have a separate lab space for land-bound and flying robots. We don't usually let them out in cafeteria though.


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