Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is Next for Internet, a 40 years Anniversary

Internet is 40 years old

September 2nd, 1969 marked the birth of ARPANET which converted to TCP/IP in 1983 into what we think of as internet today.

Speaking of which, the person behind TCP, Van Jacobson, sits a few doors down from me. And, no, I am not above name dropping.

CCN and Internet

But, more critically, Van is leading the Content Centric Networking effort which will address issues confronting all the internet stakeholders.

The traditional model is to connect devices via IP addresses. With CCN, it would be content based. So, instead of having millions of connections to a single website to watch an Olympic event live (and crash the site), the content can be propagated in a way that ensures high "perceived" throughput without actually requiring a new infrastructure.

Here is a video of Van talking about the content networking idea.


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