Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seeking New Obsessions at Lunch Time

From Burning Man to chili pepper

When I joined the table, the conversation was on Burning Man and how participants frowned upon commerce/barter. It then drifted to the bartering spice trade between East and West. Logically, somebody next mused on the impact of Columbus landing in the America through the lens of chili pepper and the resulting culinary traditions around the world.

Human perceptions

With spices, the group got interested on the question of taste. In particular, unlike sight where three colors are enough to fully represent the human experiences via the RBG colors, taste has more receptors and we have not figured out how to fully represent it in a repeatable manner. Wine, for example, is magical in that precise way.

Seeking new obsessions

One person got pensive for a second and declared that it may be time to take on wine tasting because we at PARC spend a lot of time understanding and advancing specific domains. So, it would be the same process with wine tasting albeit more physically oriented.

To that idea, I, helpfully I think, suggested that tea, coffee, and cheese tasting should also be added to the candidate list.


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