Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference

PARC at 2010 FlexTech

PARC will be actively participating in the upcoming 2010 FlexTech.

* Feb 2 Keynote session: "Moving technologies from the lab to real-world applications" by Mark Bernstein, CEO of PARC.

* Feb 3 "Flexible Printed Sensor Tape based on Solution Processed Materials" and "Sensing of blast events with flexible sensor tapes" - discussion of current projects by PARC technologists.

* Feb 2-4 PARC will be at booth 204 showcasing services in material characterization and optimization, application development, and system prototyping. Come by to see samples and learn about what PARC can do for your product road-map.

Flexible and Printed Electronics at PARC

PARC has been engaging in works related to both flexible and printed electronics for long time. And, PARC is a global organization that can provide both the technical (hard and soft) infrastructure and commercialization capabilities for our partners in this emerging technology area.

For more information on PARC's work in flexible and printed electronics.


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