Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going Mainstream - Cloud Computing's First Black Eye

When a technology goes mainstream

Technology is often known for the hype it generates but less is discussed about when it has gone mainstream. One reason is that when it is integrated into the fabric of everyone usage, it is no longer visible or hype-able (if there is such a word).

Put it another way, when a technology is talked about in the context of violating an unspoken norm of everyday, it is a good indicator that it has gone mainstream.

Cloud Computing's first black eye

So, after all the accolades and fear surrounding Cloud Computing in recent years, this is the first time that it has a specific impact to a substantial number of unfortunate users when T-Mobile, Microsoft 'almost certainly' destroyed users' Sidekick data

Ironic twists of event

The first irony is that this was not high on the list of potential issues that people have been predicting about Cloud Computing.

The second level irony is that this is actually a pretty simple fix that should have been caught/designed-in when the system was being architected.

The third level of irony is that, at the end of day, human remains the biggest variable in the use of a technology.


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