Saturday, February 7, 2009

Security Workshop

Security as an Enabler: Visions
Highlights of a Workshop sponsored by Fujitsu Laboratories and PARC

Key areas considered
* Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
* Reputation and Trust
* Malware and Fraud Detection

Homework Questions

Where does Cloud Computing fit? Because of the cooperative nature of cloud computing, frameworks and standards might be important here. In fact, the security problems for cloud computing are at this point is not well-defined.

Interplay of reputation, malware, and social networks. The phenomenon of malvertising seems to show that the problem cannot be solved by any one party. In other words, how can reputation and social networks be used to expose and combat malware?

P@P Workshop Notes

This was a highly interactive workshop that allowed academic, corporate practitioners, and researchers to challenge each other’s ideas and find areas of common interests.

The most fascinating story for me is on the development of the DLP market when people did not think such a need existed. Now DLP is one of the fastest growing segments in the security industry.

Drop me a note if you want a copy of the workshop’s output.


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