Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cloud Computing and Security

Cloud Computing and PARC

Cloud Computing is hot - now that is a truism for the technology world today.

Beyond the hype of processing xTb of data in 24 hours by EC2 or Azure and the alphabet soup of cloud solutions, a bit of good ole' fashioned investigation seems to be important to figure out how it actually impacts the technology landscape.

In other words, PARC's Security team is intrigued after the Security Workshop.

PARC Security's Cloud Computing Offer

If you are a practitioner in the cloud computing space, we would love to hear from you. Here is a brief description of what we are doing:

PARC is investigating cloud computing security as a potential research area. Knowledge of current practices, use cases, and problems with regards to cloud computing security would be very helpful for this investigation. We hope to understand the actual security issues in the new world of cloud computing.

As for being the discovery process, we will share consolidated/anonymized information with you at the end of the study.

Please drop me a note if you wish to participate.


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